Blues Fencing Club is home to beginners and members of the national fencing team. At Blues, fencers train in either epee or foil and follow specialized group and individual programmes designed for the club.

Blues caters for both social and competitive fencers and has become the “go to” club for visiting international fencers. The club offers either individual or small group lessons, allowing for personal attention by the fencing coach. Our senior fencers (17yr +) are welcome to come and bout anytime the club is open.

Training session are Monday and Thursday evenings at our salle in Observatory and Wednesday evening at our salle in Kloof Street in the city. Blues is an affiliated member of the Fencing Western Cape federation.


Alexander Collings

coaches U23 foilists at Blues and is a former member of the South African national team. He has competed as a foilist in African, Commonwealth and world championships as well as the African Games. Alex has won bronze and silver medals at the African Championships and Commonwealth Fencing Championships.

Misha Galukhin

is a visiting coach at Blues. Misha is a former Russian national champion and member of the Russian Federation fencing team. He has a PhD in sports science and has coached national teams in Russia, Japan and South Korea.

Maher Chourou

is a visiting epee coach at Blues. Maher is the highly regarded Tunisian national epee coach who has achieved great success with the Tunisian women’s epee team. During his visits, Maher runs workshops for epee coaches and advanced programmes for epeeists.

Patrick Collings

is a British Fencing certified epee coach who coaches beginner fencers and members of the national team. His students have medaled internationally. Patrick oversees the tactical training programme at the club and is the national team manager for South African Fencing.


FREE TRIAL If you are interested in fencing, we would love you to join us for free trial session, including a lesson. Reach us via the contact page to set up the session. Free
DROP-IN Pay just for the bouting session that you attend. Bring your own personnel equipment and come bout with other fencers. R120 per session
BASIC MEMBERSHIP Come bouting whenever Blues is open and join the group training session. Members have access to club masks and jackets (depending on availability). R450 per month
INDIVIDUAL LESSON Basic membership plus one individual lesson a week with one of the Blues coaches. A comprehensive lesson plan is designed for each fencer, whether they are a beginner or member of the national tram. R950 per month
WEAPON RENTAL For the first two months, Blues will supply you with a club weapon for free of charge, after that we recommend you to buy your own weapon but if you would rather use club weapon, we have a weapon rental option for you. R150 per month


There are several options to acquire your own fencing equipment. We recommend starting by buying a complete weapon and glove, which are the most personal parts of your fencing kit. If you want to spend a little more, we recommend your own mask. Start with those items and add the clothing as you need it. In the interim you can use Blues Fencing Club jackets and masks free of charge.

Famed Italian fencing manufacturer Negrini is the official supplier of Blues Fencing Club. Established in 1897 in the fortress-town of Verona, Negrini is renowned for the outstanding quality and design of its weapons, protective clothing and equipment. The same equipment used by the very best fencers around the world is available to members of Blues Fencing Club.
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