The Piste Marker is protected by SA patent application no 2017/03394


The Piste Marker is an innovative, portable and affordable solution for fencing practices in venues without installed pistes. Fencers no longer have to spend valuable training time setting up and packing away expensive roll-out pistes, or having to fence on unmarked floors and guess the piste dimensions.

Designed and developed by the Blues Fencing Company, the patented Piste Marker is a non-slip strip with full linear piste markings that takes just over a minute to roll out or roll up. One Piste Marker immediately creates two pistes on either side of the strip.

Flip the Piste Marker over and you will find markings for a 80% length piste when you don't have enough space for a full length piste. The length of the overall 17m strip is adjusted by simply winding the rubber strip around anchor weights at either end.

The Piste Marker works on all types of indoor surfaces and packs into a convenient carry bag that also contains the two end anchor weights.

The Piste Marker is ideal for clubs who use shared facilities such as sports and community halls. The Piste Marker pairs perfectly with wireless scoring boxes to make a truly mobile, set-up-anywhere fencing salle.
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